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The Henny C. Dirven Foundation in 1993 an annual prize established in the area of breast cancer research. As of 2009, the CURE Prize awarded in even-numbered years to a basic scientific researcher or a clinical researcher. In the odd years, so this year, the CARE Prize awarded to researchers / practitioners who have established an excellent project, the care and / or practices for treatment of breast cancer patients significantly improves healing opportunities that increase the welfare of breast cancer patients clearly enhanced.

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Price History
The Executive Board of the Leiden University in collaboration with the Henny C. Dirven Foundation in 1992, Henny C. Dirven prize set. It is intended as a token of appreciation and encouragement for young researchers to around 40 years, excellent basic and / or clinical examination in the detection, treatment, care and support of breast cancer.

The prize consists of a certificate and a sum of € 5.000, - and a chest of the statue geefster name. It is intended that the researcher prize invests in the development of his research. The price was between 1993 and 2005 every year in Leiden by the Chairman of the Executive Board of the University there.

Since 2007 the foundation of the award ceremony in close collaboration with the Breast Cancer Society Nederland (BVN). With the imposition of prize designed both the foundation and the BVN quality of research in the field of breast cancer promotion.

Next year, the Henny C. Dirven Prize will be awarded for the 19th time.

Candidates for this award are nominated by the institutions where the nominee is or has been employed.
Entries will be judged by a jury that

1. For the Cure Prize consists of:

  • dr. Louk (L.V.A.M.) Beex (voorzitter), Universiteit Nijmegen 
  • mw. prof. dr. Agnès Noël, Universiteit Luik
  • prof. dr. Wolter (J.W.) Oosterhuis, Josephine Nefkens-Instituut Rotterdam
  • prof. dr. Jan (J.B.) Vermorken, universiteit van Antwerpen
  • prof. dr. Emiel (E.J.Th.) Rutgers, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis Amsterdam.
2. and for Care Prize includes:
  • prof. dr. Anne (J.A.) Roukema (voorzitter), Elisabeth Ziekenhuis en Universiteit van Tilburg
  • mw. dr. Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij, voormalig directeur Integraal Kankercentrum Zuid (IKZ)
  • dr. Bram Kuiper vanuit Instellingen PsychoSociale Oncologie (IPSO) 
  • mw. Riet van der Heide, patiëntenvertegenwoordiging vanuit BVN
  • vertegenwoordiger vanuit de verpleegkundewetenschappen.
Each prize has its own rules:

Cure Prize

Care Prize

Registration Form (Registration form)

The application may be submitted to before the 15th of december:
the secretariat of the jury regarding the President, Dit e-mail adres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien. or Gewande 3, 5236 BG Gewande Netherlands.